Learn how our technology can add value to your business.

Better forecasts for your farm.

Understand the impacts of rain and wind on your crops. Regardless of if you are managing a single plot on one farm, or a wide range of fields, we can help. Because for farmers, understanding when, where, and how much it rains is a top priority.

Forecast your generation with confidence.

Do you operate renewables in your portfolio? Or are you trading in markets with significant wind and hydropower presence? If so, our weather forecasts can help to gain market insights, de-risk your trading strategies and maximize returns.

Weather changes. So should your rates.

Changes in weather patterns have resulted in rapidly increasing losses due to secondary perils in North America. Relying upon historical risk curves is no longer valid. Our short-term and annual risk forecasts can help to accurately price your policies for specific market locations.

Monitor the weather on your job sites.

When bad weather is forecast for your job site, make sure that you're the first to know. You can notify your team to prevent damage, modify work-plans, and ensure regulatory compliance.

Does the weather impact your portfolio?

If the weather impacts your assets or trading strategies, make sure that you are using the best information available. We provide location-specific forecast through our user-interface and API. Up-to-date reports can help to inform much confidence you should put in forecast values.


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The future of weather is generative.

By combining cutting-edge generative models with accuracy reports at every step of the process, we help your business adopt AI-based forecasts that you can trust.