Better forecasts for a climate resilient  

Harness the power of generative AI to supercharge your weather forecasts.

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Why Erode?

It’s time to plan for an uncertain future.

Harness the capabilities of generative artificial intelligence for accurate, localized, probabilistic forecasts.

Better Data

Many forecasts are available, but rarely report accuracy. We provide access to some of the world’s best forecasts, including location-specific accuracy reports.  Erode AI gives you better data and the confidence to trust it.

Better Access

With Erode AI, it’s easy to access forecasts for your assets. Forget about downloading and processing complex .grib2 or .nc files. Instead, interact with forecasts through our intuitive user interface, API, or download as .csv files.

Better Decisions

The impacts of decisions can be long-lasting. Having the right information is essential for making informed decisions. In today’s changing world, considering and mitigating against the risks of unexpected or extreme weather is a necessity.

Wind and Precipitation

Probabilistic Weather Forecasts

We facilitate access to some of the world’s best forecasts for precipitation and wind, including our own AI-generated. Probabilistic approaches allow for the evaluation of multiple scenarios in your forecast horizon. Outlooks of up to 10 days.

Rainfall Return Periods

Instant Risk Profiles

Evaluate the risk of extreme rainfall events for each of your assets. Use our recommended curves, select a period from historical data, or input your own curves. Easily integrate risk profiles with our weather forecasts to determine the return period of forecast events.

Stay Informed

Monitoring and Alerts

Set notification thresholds for each asset or an entire portfolio to receive notifications for weather forecasts and recent weather. Notify your team or even users outside your organization to take proactive actions or respond to events.

The future of weather is generative.

By combining cutting-edge generative models with accuracy reports at every step of the process, we help your business adopt AI-based forecasts that you can trust.


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