About Erode

Meet the team behind our cutting-edge technology.

Our team of visionary founders has set out to solve some of the most challenging problems in weather forecasting. Bringing together decades of combined experience, our mission is to build the world’s best probabilistic forecasts for precipitation and wind.

Cody Kupferschmidt

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Cody Kupferschmidt is a professional engineer experienced in artificial intelligence, statistical hydrology, and forecasting and optimization. He has previous work experience in the consulting engineering and renewable energy sectors.

Craig MacRitchie

Founder and Chief Technology Officer

Craig is a full-stack developer with a strong technical background in the water resources engineering field. Craig has previously worked deploying software at scale for several technology companies in the financial and health-tech sectors.

Spencer Ploeger

Machine Learning Natural Hazard Modeller

Spencer is machine learning developer focused on the evaluation of geospatial and temporal datasets. He holds a MASc in engineering from the University of Guelph, and has significant experience with predictive deep-learning models.